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Cultural background consultancy

Whether you want to conduct scientific work or to introduce a cultural-related product to the market in Panama, we can quickly and efficiently provide the cultural background you need for achieving success.

We have extensive knowledge of all ethnic groups and cultural regions of Panama and valuable know-how on working with them. We will gladly contribute these assets to your project.

Contact making and networking

Over eighteen years of traveling all over Panama, we have cultivated a very extensive network of cultural practitioners in all regions of the country.

These are the keepers of their town's traditions and we have been awarded with their trust due to the utmost respect and compromise shown by in our previous cultural, professional and personal interactions.

Fieldwork planning and logistics

We have collected and documented the most complete database about festive events of Panama such as seasons, dates and schedules of rituals and folk performances.

Also, we are very knowledgeable about transportation options, routes and traveling times. If you need accommodations, places to eat, tourist and entertainment options for any free time, or any other service in Panama, we can be of great help for your project.

Translation and fieldtrip guidance

Our fully bilingual English/Spanish staff will be very happy to escort you while on the field, in order to translate and assist you during interviews, observations, survey taking and all other data gathering methods.

With us, you won't just get the standard translation any bilingual speaker could provide. You will get a translation in context, with clarification of local idioms, historical references and other details that otherwise will be lost to your project.

Speaking engagements and workshops

If you need a keynote speaker for a conference or an instructor for a specialized course or workshop, in English or Spanish, we can deliver a wealth of information on topics such as traditional festivities of Panama, digital technologies for cultural heritage, and Panamanian folklore.

Our experience in teaching and public speaking includes eighteen years as a college teacher and many presentations given in Panama, two in the USA and five in Europe.