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Janni Pedersen, PhD

Anthropologist and college professor from Denmark

I have worked with Mr. Jaén Espinosa of since 2015 on a collaborative research project focused on tourism and festivals in Panama.

During this time, I have come to know Mr. Jaén Espinosa as a knowledgeable, reliable and diligent co-researcher, and as a person whom it is a pleasure to work and travel with.

Our work has involved field work in Panama, traveling to festivals, as well as preparing and presenting our work at academic conferences.

Besides being part of observing and conducting interviews during the fieldwork, Mr. Jaén Espinosa has facilitated the process in that he has introduced the team of anthropologists from U.S.A. to research participants and arranged interviews.

Further, he has provided invaluable background information. His knowledge of Panamanian folklore and history is deep, and he has strong skills in creating connections with people, a foundation of ethnographic-oriented research.

Kathryn Sorensen, PhD

Archaeologist and college professor from the USA

My colleague and I have the great pleasure of working with Marino Jaén Espinosa on an ongoing anthropological research project in Panama.

Marino was able to put us in touch with the people who were vital to our research, and it was clear that he is very well respected in the communities where we conducted our research.

Marino is not only extremely knowledgeable about Panamanian history and folklore, but he is also very professional, hardworking, reliable and personable.

Marino is passionate about the culture of his country and is always willing to share that knowledge with others.

Melissa González, PhD

Musician and college professor from the USA

I cannot thank Marino Jaén enough for the invaluable assistance he offered me throughout the fieldwork and writing stages of my dissertation.

Marino's website ( provided a critical entry point for my research and his timely responses to my initial email inquiries helped me prepare for my stay in Panama.

When I got there, Marino connected me with various música típica musicians, composers, impresarios, and festival coordinators who were all very much willing to be interviewed for this project.

When I returned home, Marino continued to offer feedback on my research whenever I needed it.

I cannot thank you enough! Your passion for Panamanian folklore and música típica is inspiring and I look forward to a future collaborative effort.

Michael Hornstein

Musician, composer and producer from Germany

We have worked together, on the production of the Authentic Panama CD, in the year 2005. This production has gone so well and it has only been possible due to the collaboration of Marino Jaén and the people of

So, I would like to thank all the people who have collaborated on this work. Here, we are very happy with the result of this collaboration.

We recommend Marino Jaén and all the people of for any international collaboraton., the best!